NoNo 8800

For a lot of individuals, nothing is worse than having unsightly hair development appear just when they occur to be getting ready for a special event. Yes, they can constantly turn to their trusty shaver or razor to get rid of the problem but these can frequently leave stubbles, cause ingrown hair, and even cause unwanted nicks and cuts. There are other options to the shaver but they is overly costly and some individuals can discover it too embarrassing to discuss their hair issues with people they don't know, leaving them at a loss for a solution.

Fortunately, there's now a handy little product with a name that a lot of people will discover themselves uttering when discovering unwanted hair growth: NoNo 8800 The NoNo 8800 Series is really a line of devices used especially for removal of unwanted hair. It comes in either silver or pink and can be packed away in one’s luggage when going on trips, creating it possible to maintain a traveler hair-free and worry-free without to look for a salon at their place. The NoNo 8800 is light sufficient for almost anyone to use for an extended period of time.

The NoNo 8800 offers Thermicon™ Tips that allow the hair to be removed utilizing heat and without those chemicals that can cause side effects. Every device comes with 2 of these pointers and includes buffers that can be utilized for cleaning and caring for it after each utilize. It additionally has a screen that informs the user of just how much charge remains left within the device’s battery and if the Thermicon™ Tips need to be changed or not. The level of treatment is customized thus that each area being worked on can be done well.

Since there are sure areas that may be harder to reach than others, the NoNo 8800 doesn't come with any power cord, leaving it free to have to wherever it's many required. It's even considered safe enough to utilize on unwanted facial hair, anything that many other hair removal techniques and devices cannot do. However, you should take note that the NoNo 8800 cannot be utilized on one’s breast area or genital area. The device is not meant for these sensitive areas but might be well utilized along the bikini line and elsewhere.

This product from NoNo 8800 is not just limited to women. As a matter of reality a black version offers been created for men to utilize also, offering with the same benefits that ladies appreciate. The results are meant to last for very some moment and one can do it appropriate at house, without unnecessarily worrying about becoming seen by anybody else prior to any treatments. One just has to believe of all of the cash they be able to save by using this device instead of more costly treatments. Soon, they will be saying, “NoNo 8800 more hair worries!”